Clare Cinzori

Dr. Clare Cinzori received her BS in Animal Science from Michigan State University in 1991 and graduated with honors from MSU's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995. She first worked with Dr. Whalen in Wyoming, Michigan and joined the staff of Cottonwood Veterinary Center in 2001. 


Dr. Cinzori is married to Aaron, a Hope College mathematics professor, and has two children, Isaac and Gwendolyn. They share their home with Miley, an exuberant lab-mix; and Ninja and Lester, their cats. Dr. Cinzori also owns a horse, a Quarter Horse mare named Naomi. Dr. Cinzori has strong interests in dentistry, internal medicine, general medicine and also greyhounds and their special veterinary needs. In her free time, she likes to scrapbook, read, do Pilates, and spend time with her horse.