Many pet owners are curious about what is involved when their pet is placed under anesthesia. At Cottonwood Veterinary Center, your pet will receive only the best and safest anesthetic and surgical care - your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priority.


We practice "aseptic technique," which requires a surgical scrub, a gown, mask, cap, and sterile gloves. We have a well-equipped operating room with equipment that includes: Isoflurane anesthesia machines, blood pressure and pulse oximetry monitoring equipment, circulating water warming blanket, an electrocautery device, and autoclave sterilized surgical instruments.


Surgeries we offer:

  • Spaying and Neutering

  • Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Bone Fracture Repair

  • Patella Luxation Repair

  • Cranial (Anterior) Cruciate Ligament Repair